Who is LK?


*1985 | Czech Republic


A lawyer by education (Charles University, UCC Ireland), an enthusiastic music fan (owner of an electric guitar in the process of learning), a coriander eater, and a reader between the lines.

A survivor of a serious illness (*2012).

“Life-loving, life-painting” is not just an empty motto, but my reality every new day.


I am fascinated by human existence and the impact of colors on human perception. I create predominantly with music (music is my healthy addiction) and believe that this element is subtly interwoven into my paintings and resonates further through waves. My paintings always strive to capture and process a currently tumultuous topic for me, avoiding superficiality.

I do not shy away from hidden symbolism or references to mythology. I often compose poems and record various thoughts alongside my paintings (books are another healthy addiction of mine).


I am often classified among abstract expressionists, yet in my work, one can find realistic painting or graphics. Any classification is thus only a framework concept of an unbridled person.

My work is represented in private collections in several European countries, the USA, and New Zealand.

Since 2022, I have been an honorary member of the board of the Club of Czech and Slovak Writers, z.s.


Art. Art | changes us, collaborates, resonates, complements. It raises questions and answers those already asked. It heals and shocks. Art is feelings and emotions. We encounter so much beauty in our lives. Yet, our eyes only see what our mind is ready to perceive. Training the mind is an art. Art trains the mind.

Abstractly, symbolically, to the center of the target and around the edges. Right here and now.

Thank you for visiting my virtual space.

Thank you for your favor.




2023 | Art for peace – International Cultural management

2021 | We Contemporary 2021 – Musa International Art space





About LK in the words of others:


“I do not understand art professionally. I either gratefully perceive paintings or they are indifferent to me.

The paintings of Lenka Kozlíková are not indifferent to me. They are human, they are mysterious.

I feel SOMETHING from them that I cannot name, but it is familiar to me. They call out to me with an S-O-S, simultaneously frightening and comforting.

They are colorful, bright and dark at the same time. Unmissable. Each one seems to struggle, to wrestle, with itself.

I do the same throughout my life. Believing that if I do not give up the fight, I may not be a winner, but I do not lose honor.

With the certainty that scars are not a disgrace but a distinction. I think Lenka Kozlíková perceives the world similarly, and therefore I feel on the same wavelength with her paintings as in a flock of useful, insistent question marks.

And for that, I thank her.”


Miloň Čepelka, Czech poet, haiku creator, prose writer, lyricist, actor, singer, screenwriter, and Cimrmanologist



“When I look at Lenka's paintings, I can't help feeling that I'm seeing a part of her soul.

Often it's very intense, indescribable. I still don't quite understand how someone can express such depth with colors.

Maybe it's because of Lenka's life story, maybe the music she listens to while creating her art influences her so much. Either way,

Lenka manages to evoke in me the desire to search in the depths of her scenes for hidden motifs and messages,

but at the same time, I feel that she doesn't push me and leaves me free in interpretation.

And I think that's exceptional.

The French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy once said that music is the silence between notes. I see that silence between notes in Lenka's paintings…


Ondřej Kujan, founder of the Hi:yogamats project



“About artistic beauty, the immediate, first impression kind, everyone can speak differently and each of us has their own view.

It's subjective and influencable. Beauty is part of the huge concept of 'value'. Here, we enter a realm that shapes the development of all humanity. Artistic value develops a person, it's part of our being. Whether it comes from film, theater, music, or visual expression. It's different from decoration or art for relaxation. It's worth constantly discovering and interpreting further.

Lenka Kozlíková is a sensitive painter. Her inner life can creatively transform into an artistic statement that speaks. With beauty, but also with the depth of color, composition, shape. Thoughts, or feelings. She is one of the contemporary artists who create on the canvas painted stories in an inexplicable language. Reading them is deeply rooted in feelings and freedom, just as the author's journey to their creation. In them, you can feel not only the originality of the handwriting but above all the uniqueness of the artistic language, which is simply accessible only for a certain moment. At the next, you need to stop and wait for the painting to discover you. The viewers. And to hint at what you sometimes miss. The value of existence.

I recently discovered her and was captivated. It was her art that shone among the diversity of other authors and caught my attention. It is art about the beauty of existence.”


Ľuboslav Moza, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovak theoretician and expert, gallery owner, and university teacher